FAQ Topic: Services & safety

What is the 2019 G.O. Bond Issue?

The 2019 General Obligation Bond Issues are being placed before the citizens of Warr Acres. For more information visit the 2019 G O Bond information page.

What ward am I in?

The city is broken down geographically into four wards. These wards are used for several purposes including selecting two council members from each ward to represent the citizens of that ward.  To determine which ward you are in please visit the city map page.  You can also see who has been elected to represent your … Continued

When is big trash day?

The City schedules special pickup for residents who have large trash items periodically throughout the year.  These are typically done once each quarter, and will be added to the calendar as dates are selected.  The big trash is collected by ward, and each ward will be assigned a day during that month.

Are fireworks legal in Warr Acres

Warr Acres municipal ordinance Chapter 8.20 prohibits the sale, possession and/or ignite/discharge any fireworks within the City limits.  Most other cities around Warr Acres also prohibit fireworks.

Can I burn tree limbs and leaves on my property?

Warr Acres Municipal Code 8.16.350 prohibits open burning unless a pre-burn site inspection is conducted by the Fire Chief and a burn permit has been issued by the City. To inquire about a burn permit contact the Fire Chief.

How does Warr Acres surplus city property?

The City ordinances and state laws dictate how the City is able to surplus or dispose of City owned property.  The City Council approves items to be declared surplus, and they are listed on the PublicSurplus web site.  Anybody can sign up as a user on PublicSurplus.com and bid on the surplus items. Check back … Continued

How do I get a vehicle out of impound?

For numerous reasons the Police Department or Code Enforcement may impound vehicles throughout the City.  If your vehicle was impounded by the Police Department you must obtain a vehicle release prior to recovering your vehicle.  To obtain the vehicle release the owner of the vehicle must bring the following to the Police Department: Original title … Continued

How do I find Warr Acres ordinances (municipal laws)?

Ordinances are municipal laws passed and enforced by the City.  These include building code, health and safety, traffic, criminal, animal and several other types of municipal laws.  These laws are passed by the City Council and codified and posted online in a searchable and printable format CLICK HERE to view the current municipal ordinances.

How do I report a street light outage?

To report a street light outage, please contact OG&E Customer Service from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays at 405-272-9741. If a traffic control light is malfunctioning at an intersection contact the Warr Acres Streets Department at 405-787-1404. If traffic control lights malfunction or are completely out contact the Police Department at  405-789-3329.  

Who do I call about police-related non-emergencies?

The Warr Acres Police Department handles all emergency and non-emergency calls.   You can reach the Police Department at 405-789-3329 at any time of the day.  In case of emergency call 911 Tickets are handled by the Court Clerk who can be reached during office hours at 405-495-4032.

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