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Economic Development

SuccessStory  An Invitation from the Mayor...

"Please accept my invitation to visit Warr Acres and observe its dynamic and enterprising advances. Witness how the story of Warr Acres illustrates the exciting opportunities for residents and business entrepreneurs. The establishment of a centralized town center revitalization project exemplifies the forward thinking of the city. The tremendous accomplishment in upgrading the infrastructure, staffing and coordination of business, residency, cultural endeavors and services defines the rapid growth and maturity of Warr Acres. My staff, council and I will be available for personal and group tours at your convenience. Come explore these exciting opportunities in this outstanding city."

-Mayor Jim Mickley

The History of Warr Acres...

Warr Acres was created in 1948 in western Oklahoma County. In early years, an interurban railway provided quick access to jobs in Oklahoma City, and a bus line that launched in 1946 later provided similar service. Warr Acres continued to grow and by 1960 it had 7,135 residents. Shopping districts began to emerge, and by 1979 the town was comprised of more than three square miles. By 1980 Warr Acres substantially grew to a population of 9,940 residents.

Warr Acres Today...

Warr Acres is centrally located in the growing northwest portion of Oklahoma City and is home to nearly 10,000 residents of diverse ethnic backgrounds, a low cost of living, excellent school systems, large parks, a city community center, a county library and a flourishing business community. Hertz World Reservation Headquarters and a host of other national retail outlets such as Golden Coral, Wal-Mart, CVS, Buy For Less and Walgreens have locations throughout Warr Acres. The city also has a new five-story Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott, and Wiley Post Airport is located just one mile west of Warr Acres.

As a safe and friendly city within a city (OKC), Warr Acres offers many advantages for citizens and businesses, and takes pride in having the best-trained police and fire department. Police response time average is 2-4 minutes and the fire response time average is 4-5 minutes, which is the best in Oklahoma.

Explore all Warr Acres has to offer and dine at the Golden Corral located on Northwest Expressway.
The revitalized intersection of NW Expressway and MacArthur guides traffic through effortlessly.
The revitalized intersection of NW Expressway and MacArthur guides traffic through effortlessly.

Northwest Metro arterials extend from Reno Ave. on the southern edge to Memorial Rd. on the north. Warr Acres stretches from 36th St. to the Northwest Expressway placing the city in the center of the NW Metro.

Local businesses take advantage of being centrally located and in the gateway through the metro from downtown Oklahoma City to the state capital and the surrounding metropolitan areas. With two major expressways (State Highway 3 and Route 66) crossing through Warr Acres, the traffic count reaches as high as 135,000 cars per day, which is 52% of the NW Metro.

More cars travel through the streets of Warr Acres than any other OKC street, which assists the city in economic growth and creates opportunity for businesses to relocate or establish themselves.




Total average daily traffic134,710
 NW Expressway 54,911
NW 63rd Street15,663
NW 50th Street14,919
NW 39th Expressway
(Route 66)
NW 36th Street14,183
MacArthur Boulevard19,434

Six years ago Warr Acres developed a 5-phase plan to improve safety and quality of live for its citizens and businesses, and to encourage economic growth by developing a "Town Center" and "Revitalization of the Town Center".

  • Millions of dollars spent in resurfacing roads
  • Completion of a three-year project to upgrade sewer lines and lift station equipment
  • Purchased new snow and ice removal equipment
  • Installed lighted "Welcome to Warr Acres" signs (4'x8')
  • Completing of replacing all school zone equipment including flashing LED lights in the pavement 





  • Negotiated for new businesses
  • Police Department now has 2-4 minute response time
  • Fire Department now has 4-5 minute response time
  • Purchased new ladder truck with five-story bucket


  • Bids begin in January 2015 for completion by end of 2015
  • Complete removal and replacement of intersection in all four directions through the business district
  • Installation of brick sidewalks, antique signal/sidewalk lights, flower beds, trees and brick crosswalks
  • Widening of the intersection at NW 49th Street and MacArthur Boulevard
  • Add left turn lanes at NW 49th Street and MacArthur Boulevard
  • Install two 4'x8' lighted signs at the intersection of NW 49th Street and MacArthur Boulevard
  • Utilities to be buried underground throughout this project
  • Add a new Warr Acres sign at all four corners of the intersection





  1. obelisk50th St. and MacArthur Blvd. Improvement
  2. Intersection Improvements
  3. Tile Colors for Pavers
  4. Monument Sign
  5. Plant Materials
  6. 39th Expressway Sign




  • Revised the 1970 zoning ordinance for the city to allow for the reassessment of residential and business zoning opportunities
  • Four-year revitalization project allows for commercial retail growth around the town center

  • TownCenterMap




  • Partnership between Putnam City Schools and Warr Acres to develop a cultural center
  • Guidance from the Oklahoma Arts Council in developing Warr Acres' artist and cultural infrastructure
  • Networking with other cultural chambers including the Native American, Hispanic, Black and Asian chambers of commerce and military associations to bring the arts and festivals to Warr Acres
Join us at the Warr Acres Public Library
Join us at the Warr Acres Public Library

Firefighters cool off local kids on a hot summer day
Firefighters cool off local kids on a hot summer day


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