Recycling Information

Spring is in the air.  We look forward to seeing you first Saturday of each month, open from 8:30 AM until 11:30 AM. Recycling is at the Dorothy Cavener Memorial Park, 5301 N Hammond.   Warr Acres Recycle accepts the following clean and sorted items for recycling. Plastics 1 and 2:     Within the recycle symbol … Continued

Ambulance Billing Explanation

City Hall, the Fire Department, the Mayor and Councilmen have received many calls regarding the ambulance service and the fee the residents pay monthly on their utility bill.  They also have asked what the city pays and what the residents are responsible for.  The attached letter includes a legal explanation from your Warr Aces City … Continued

Live City Council Meetings

Warr Acres City Council meetings will now be streamed for our citizens on our YouTube channel. The links will be provided for each meeting, and a preview screen will be available until the meeting starts. Live meetings and previous meetings (in person) are available at

City Hall Has Moved

The City Hall functions have been relocated to our remodeled building at 4301 N Ann Arbor. The Municipal Court has temporarily been moved to this location also.  Fire and Police departments are still located at the previous location until their new buildings are completed next year.

City Surplus Property Available

The City has partnered with for auction sales of surplus equipment. These items have been declared surplus by the City and are available for civilians and City employees to bid on The items will be updated as often as necessary to provide for the quickest process to remove surplus City property. If you are … Continued

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