Sanitation and Sewer Services

Warr Acres bills for sewer and garbage only. Water is billed through the City of Oklahoma City Water Department. Warr Acres bills every month for service. Bills are sent out on or around the 20th of each month, and are due by the fifth of the following month. A penalty of 10% for current bill is assessed after the fifth of the second month.

To establish residential trash and sewer services you must complete the contract for sewer & trash which is available at City Hall.  There are various different versions based on the property type.  Please contact City Hall to inquire for your contract type.  Residents north of NW 58th Street will have trash picked up on Monday and Thursday each week. Residents south of NW 58th Street will have trash picked up on Tuesday and Friday each week.  If your normal trash pickup falls on a holiday the crews will pickup the following Wednesday CURBSIDE ONLY.

Contact City Hall for current rates 405-789-2892
Residential Dumpsters are available for temporary use.

CONTAINERS: Galvanized or heavy plastic with lids with not more than 40 gallon capacity. If additional space is needed such as leaves or grass clippings in trash bags, any more than 8 bags will incur an additional cost per bag which will be added to your monthly bill on the next billing cycle. NO barrels, oil drums or boxes may be used.

Garbage is picked up at a distance of no greater than ten feet from the corner of the house nearest the street. The sanitation employees will not go through gates, doors or into buildings.

CURB TRASH: Tree limbs must be cut into lengths no longer than 3 feet and tied into bundles of not more
than 50 pounds. Grass and wed clippings should be bundled in plastic bags. Boxes should be flat. No tires, automobile batteries, oil, paint or any type of hazardous waste. Furniture, appliances or any other large item weighing 50 pounds or more will be picked up on special dates announced in the monthly newsletter each year. For hazardous waste disposal call 682-7038.

Dumpsters are available for commercial use and for other temporary uses. Dumpsters are available in several sizes and configurations depending on your need.  To request a dumpster or to change your dumpster configuration contact City Hall at 789-2892 and they will arrange for the correct dumpster to be delivered to your location.

If trash should be missed for any reason, other than holidays, bad weather, major equipment failure, you should call the Sanitation Department Supervisor at 491-6474 and report your address.

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