How do I get a vehicle out of impound?

For numerous reasons the Police Department or Code Enforcement may impound vehicles throughout the City.  If your vehicle was impounded by the Police Department you must obtain a vehicle release prior to recovering your vehicle.  To obtain the vehicle release the owner of the vehicle must bring the following to the Police Department:

  • Original title to the vehicle with the owner’s name printed on the front
  • Current proof of insurance (security verification) for the vehicle being recovered.
  • United States Government issued identification for the vehicle owner
    • Driver’s license, State ID card or Passport
  • Proof of the tag/registration being brought current (if tag was expired)
  • $100 cash (no checks, cards, or money orders)
  • Person with valid driver’s license if owner’s license is not valid, or owner does not have a license.

Once the release is issued the owner may present the release form at the wrecker service that is storing the vehicle, and pay the wrecker bill to recover their vehicle.

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