FAQ Topic: Sanitation

When is big trash day?

The City schedules special pickup for residents who have large trash items periodically throughout the year.  These are typically done once each quarter, and will be added to the calendar as dates are selected.  The big trash is collected by ward, and each ward will be assigned a day during that month.

Who do I call when my garbage has not been picked up?

There are several reasons that your garbage may not have been picked up as expected. A very common reason that prevents trash from being picked up is that the bags or cans exceed the weight limit of 50 lbs.  While the trash cans cannot exceed 40 GALLONS, the weight of those cans cannot exceed 50 lbs. … Continued

How do I find my trash pickup day?

Sanitation services currently pick up residential trash twice a week.  If you live north of NW 58th Street your trash will be picked up on Monday and Thursday each week.  If you live south of NW 58th Street your trash will be picked up on Tuesday and Friday each week.  If your normal trash day falls … Continued

How do I dispose of paints and chemicals?

Warr Acres works with through an agreement with Oklahoma City for disposal of household hazardous waste.  This waste includes chemicals like certain paints, stains and varnishes, cleaners, polishes, automotive products, pesticides and herbicides. Many of these contain hazardous components that would be harmful to our environment if placed in the landfill with other trash.  The Oklahoma … Continued

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