Who do I call when my garbage has not been picked up?

There are several reasons that your garbage may not have been picked up as expected.

A very common reason that prevents trash from being picked up is that the bags or cans exceed the weight limit of 50 lbs.  While the trash cans cannot exceed 40 GALLONS, the weight of those cans cannot exceed 50 lbs.

If your sanitation account is delinquent your trash service may be stopped until the account is brought current.

City recognized (federal) holidays that fall on normal trash pickup days will typically be rescheduled to the Wednesday of that week with curb side pickup.

If you have questions about why your trash was not picked up please contact the sanitation department at 405-491-6474

Please observe the following rules for putting out your residential trash: 

  1. ALL trash MUST be placed in a can or trash bag.  All trash bags must be placed by the curb, trash cans may be kept by your home. Loose items are ONLY allowed to be placed at the curb for bulk trash month on your designated pickup day.
  2. NO bags OR cans can exceed a weight limit of 50 lbs.  If the bags or cans exceed 50 lbs.,, they will NOT be picked up as this poses a risk of injury to our sanitation workers.
  3. GRASS AND WEED cuttings MUST be placed in trash bags, securely tied, and placed AT THE CURB.
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