FAQ Topic: Business

How do I find Warr Acres ordinances (municipal laws)?

Ordinances are municipal laws passed and enforced by the City.  These include building code, health and safety, traffic, criminal, animal and several other types of municipal laws.  These laws are passed by the City Council and codified and posted online in a searchable and printable format CLICK HERE to view the current municipal ordinances.

What are zoning restrictions in the city?

Warr Acres uses a zoning system to determine the appropriate use for each property located within the City.  Each different zoning type has different requirements and limitations.  The zoning map may be viewed online HERE. For more information please contact the City Inspector at 405-789-2892.

What are the city dog ordinances?

All Warr Acres ordinances are viewable on the Sterling Codifier’s Web Site.  Animal ordinances fall under Title 6, however some zoning ordinances may control what type of animals may be kept, held or boarded on properties with certain zoning restrictions.  If you are unable to locate the information you seek please contact the Animal Control … Continued

How do I pay my business taxes?

Businesses can involve several types of taxes, sales tax, use tax, employee withholding’s (social security and medicare), property tax and possibly others. Sales and use tax are handled by the Oklahoma Tax Commission Property taxes are handled by the Oklahoma County Assessor For more information on what types of taxes your business is responsible for … Continued

How do I start a business in the city?

There are several steps required to open a business in any city. These may vary depending on the type of business you plan to open. Warr Acres requires a business license for each location, and the license must be obtained prior to opening the business.   Contact the licensing clerk at 405-789-2892 for more information. Any construction … Continued

Does the city require a business license?

Warr Acres requires each and every business in the city to obtain a business license prior to opening the business.  There are a variety of different types of license that may be required for your type of business. These are renewed annually.  Contact the licensing clerk at 405-789-2892 for more information.

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