FAQ Topic: Parking/traffic tickets

Can I park a motor home or trailer in the grass?

Parking on the grass is prohibited in Warr Acres. In addition municipal ordinance limits what types of vehicles can be parked in the residential areas. Vehicles with three or more axles and commercial vehicles are prohibited in residential areas.  For detailed ordinance visit the municipal code.

When is my court date?

If you have been issued a ticket by one of our officers the court date is printed on the ticket.  If you are unable to locate your copy, or have court for another reason please contact the Court Clerk.

How do I get a vehicle out of impound?

For numerous reasons the Police Department or Code Enforcement may impound vehicles throughout the City.  If your vehicle was impounded by the Police Department you must obtain a vehicle release prior to recovering your vehicle.  To obtain the vehicle release the owner of the vehicle must bring the following to the Police Department: Original title … Continued

How do I find Warr Acres ordinances (municipal laws)?

Ordinances are municipal laws passed and enforced by the City.  These include building code, health and safety, traffic, criminal, animal and several other types of municipal laws.  These laws are passed by the City Council and codified and posted online in a searchable and printable format CLICK HERE to view the current municipal ordinances.

How do I pay a ticket?

If you have been issued a ticket (citation) by a Warr Acres Police Officer you can pay the ticket in several ways. Online at TrafficPayment.com  In person during business hours or by mail to the Court Clerk’s Office, 5930 NW 49th Street, Warr Acres, OK  73122 After hours at the Police Department (only before your court … Continued

How do I dispute a ticket?

Tickets issued for Warr Acres Municipal Court are each assigned an arraignment date.  Arraignments are scheduled for the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6pm unless there is a schedule conflict. The arraignment date serves two purposes; It serves as a due date for when you can pay your fine amount if you … Continued

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