FAQ Topic: Property & housing

Can I park a motor home or trailer in the grass?

Parking on the grass is prohibited in Warr Acres. In addition municipal ordinance limits what types of vehicles can be parked in the residential areas. Vehicles with three or more axles and commercial vehicles are prohibited in residential areas.  For detailed ordinance visit the municipal code.

What is the 2019 G.O. Bond Issue?

The 2019 General Obligation Bond Issues are being placed before the citizens of Warr Acres. For more information visit the 2019 G O Bond information page.

What ward am I in?

The city is broken down geographically into four wards. These wards are used for several purposes including selecting two council members from each ward to represent the citizens of that ward.  To determine which ward you are in please visit the city map page.  You can also see who has been elected to represent your … Continued

How do I report my electricity being off?

If your power goes out, be sure to report your outage to OG&E.  Warr Acres has no control or input as to which areas have power restored, or in what order. You may report your outage online by logging in to your OG&E account or by calling 405-272-9595. OG&E has customer service representatives are available 24/7 for … Continued

What are my tenant rights?

If you are having legal problems in a tenant/landlord situation or with others who you are sharing a rental property with we recommend you consult an attorney for legal advice.  Many of these situations are civil in nature and may not be enforceable by the police.  To learn more about your rights as a tenant … Continued

How do I pay my property taxes?

The City of Warr Acres is located within the borders of Oklahoma County.  The property taxes are handled by the Oklahoma County Assessor.  Most mortgage companies include your property tax in a portion of your mortgage payment into an escrow account.  Check with your mortgage company for more information. To find our more about your … Continued

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