FAQ Topic: Pay a bill

Is an EMSA bill covered by the EMS subsidy?

The City of Warr Acres has contracted with Samaritan EMS to provide ambulance service within the city.  Most residents of Warr Acres have coverage through the Samaritan CareNet program which provides assistance in paying their ambulance bill.  If a resident is outside of Warr Acres and transported by another ambulance service the CareNet program does not apply … Continued

How does the City calculate sewer rates?

Every year the City of Warr Acres recalculates the next year’s sewer rates based on reports from the Oklahoma City Water Department and the Bethany Water Department listing a three month average consumption of water usage for each residential property. This means that your sewer bill from May to April could have an increase, decrease, or your … Continued

I have a question about the bill that I received for ambulance service?

Ambulance services in Warr Acres are provided under a contractual agreement between the City of Warr Acres and Samaritan EMS.  This contract provides for ambulance response to emergencies within the boundaries of Warr Acres, and is funded by an EMS subsidy added to residents’ utility billing. Most residents of Warr Acres are covered under an agreement … Continued

How do I pay my garbage (trash) and sewer bill?

City of Warr Acres utility service payments  may be made in several different ways: In person at City Hall. Online payments CLICK HERE Mail your check or money order to: City of Warr Acres 4301 N Ann Arbor Ave Warr Acres, OK  73122 All checks must me made payable to “City of  Warr Acres” and include … Continued

How do I pay my water bill?

Oklahoma City water bills can be paid online, by calling their automated system at (405) 297-2833 or by using the OKC Utilities mobile app for Apple or Android. Make a one-time payment with a bank account number, or a one-time credit or debit card payment on our online account and payment portal. With their online account and payment portal, … Continued

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