How does the City calculate sewer rates?

Every year the City of Warr Acres recalculates the next year’s sewer rates based on reports from the Oklahoma City Water Department and the Bethany Water Department listing a three month average consumption of water usage for each residential property. This means that your sewer bill from May to April could have an increase, decrease, or your rate could remain the same depending on how much water consumption you had during December, January and February. These new rates will be reflected on your May bill , which will be sent out around the 20th of May.

If your May bill reflects a substantial increase, it may be because you had a water leak, a toilet or faucet that continually ran during those three (3) winter months. If you have a plumber repair one of these problems during these months, then you can bring in the plumbing repair bill to Warr Acres City Hall. Our utility billing clerk can recalculate your average water usage for a lower sewer rate. But you MUST have a plumbing repair invoice indicating the problem occurred during the months stated above in order for your sewer rate to be recalculated

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