Warr Acres Economic Development Project Plan (TIF)

The City of Warr Acres has begun the planning phases of an economic development plan, or Tax Increment Financing. This plan will provide economic structure and funding to construct needed public improvements and stimulate additional private development within select areas of Warr Acres.  This plan is considered to be a critical element in fostering public-private partnerships to create a continuing stimulus for economic revitalization. Increment districts will provide critical funding for much needed public improvements and help induce private investment through an incentive program focusing on retail, office and residential growth.

More updates and information will be made available as the planning phases progress.

The following documents are related to the planning phases of this project;

Presentation (Dec 12, 2018)
Draft Minutes-Dec 5 Review Committee
Eligibility Report (C 12-11-18)
Financial Impacts Report (C 12-26-18)
Review Committee Agenda Dec 12
Economic Development Project Plan
Notice of Public Hearings


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