The 2020 US Census

Posted on March 10, 2020

The United States Census starts April 1st this year. You either have or will receive a census in the mail. It is a federal law that you fill this out or fill one out with a census taker. It is also extremely important to the City of Warr Acres that you fill this out as it makes a big difference in federal dollar the city receives. Also, the more people we have living in Warr Acres the easier it is to recruit businesses.

There are three ways to respond; You can respond online, by mail or by phone. Please note the census takers are not verifying your legal status or any living status but only that you live in Warr Acres or anywhere in the United States. They are simply trying to count everyone and determine what city you live in. If you have mailed, phoned, or sent your census online, simply tell the census taker that information.

This is only done every 10 years. Please stand up and be counted!!

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