Posted on May 16, 2017

Due to increase cost, over the past 10 years, of the daily sanitation department

operations, the City Council voted to increase the sanitation rate to make up for

a $308,000 shortfall, in 2016, between the sanitation revenue received and the

cost of providing the Cadillac Sanitation Service (Better service than any other

city) to you the citizens for many years.  Below are a few of the cities around the

metro, the service provided, and the current rates they charge.


2017 Metro Sanitation Rates
Warr Acres$11.00MonthTwice a week beside house, quarterly bulky waste, 4 cu yd.
Bethany$16.60MonthTwice a week at the curb 4 cans & once a year bulky waste
Yukon$17.73MonthOnce a week – 2 carts – one free load to transfer station
OKC$21.14MonthOnce a week – 2 carts – monthly 2 cu yd. bulky waste
Village$23.05MonthOnce a week – 2 carts – monthly 3 cu yd. bulky waste
Edmond$14.23MonthOnce a week – $4.15 extra cart – 6 bags @ 1.50 each


The City Council voted to raise the residential sanitation rates by $6.00 per month

(from $11.00 to $17.00 monthly) and the commercial rates by $2.50 per cubic yard.

The rate increase will collect approximately $300,000 per year in revenue.  The

other cities in the metro all have gone to poly-carts to be placed by the curb for

once a week pickup except for Bethany and they are evaluating that option.

Comparatively, the new rate is $6.05 a month lower than the Village’s rate and

$4.14 lower than Oklahoma City’s rate.


Typically, cities generate a majority of their revenue from sales tax, and utility

billing.  Cities must break even on their cost/revenue of their billing services.

Some cities raise rates above their cost of service to help fund other expenses of

their city.  The City of Warr Acres has been subsidizing sanitation from a general

fund for many years, but can no longer continue this practice.

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