The City has declared a state of emergency in regards to the COVID-19 virus. View the Declaration to see how this will effect your City operations.

March 17th City Council Meeting

Posted on March 17, 2020

The Warr Acres City Council meeting tonight will be limited to the consent docket in order to pay the cities bills and a public hearing item in order to keep from having to go to the expense of mailing out notices to everyone within 300 feet and taking this item back to planning commission. We have postponed all other items. While the city council cannot close it’s meetings to the public we are highly discouraging attendance by the public. We will be enforcing the CDC guidelines of a minimum of 3’ spacing. This will be broadcast on our Cox channel 20 and we are trying fervently to get this broadcast on YouTube/WarrAcres. We are trying to roll this out two months earlier than planned so please have patience on this. Thank you for your understanding as we are trying to keep all of our citizens safe.

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