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January is Residential Big Trash Month!

Posted on November 19, 2019

Ward 1—-Wednesday, January 8th

Ward 2—-Wednesday, January 15th

Ward 3—-Wednesday, January 22nd

Ward 4—-Wednesday, January 29th

You are permitted to put your bulk trash items out three (3) days prior to your big trash day. Please do not put your items out any earlier than that, you may be subjected to corrective action if you doThere is a limit to how much trash you can put out, and if you exceed this amount, you will be charged extra on your utility bill. The amount you can put out is eight (8) cubic yards, which is equal to what one can place in the back of 2 full size pickup beds.

If you go over the allowed amount-A base flat fee of thirty-five (35.00) dollars shall be made for the removal of the material up to and including the first cubic yard. Additional material may be included and removed at a charge of fifteen (15) dollars per cubic yard up to a maximum of forty 40 cubic yards (Ord. 1124, 2012)

Big Trash items INCLUDES but is not limited to: household appliances, furniture, mattresses, fencing (up to 4 panels) and similar non-contracted items. Compressors must be removed from all appliances BEFORE collection.  Doors on refrigerators and other bulky items MUST be removed.

Big Trash items EXCLUDED items include hospital and medical waste, poisons, acids and caustics, explosives, dirt and rocks, sewage and liquid waste, nuclear materials, gasoline, kerosene, propane tanks, degreasers, lubricants, tires and rims, antifreeze, paint, and commercial construction debris, bricks or concrete. For questions please call Public Works at 405-470-7713 with any questions.

SIZE OF MATERIAL: Lengths not to exceed 10 feet or a weight exceeding 250 pounds. Tree trimmings and branches must be in piles with individual branches not longer than 8 feet and dead trees not more than 6 inches in diameter.

PLACEMENT AND LOCATION: Place at least 5 feet from mailboxes, cars, shrubs, or anything else that could interfere with hand loading or mechanical equipment. Items shall be placed at least 10 feet away from utility poles, guywires, signs, fire hydrants and gas meters to allow mechanized pick up.

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