City Hall and City Services

City Hall Services

(405) 789-2892

5930 NW 49th Street

Warr Acres, Oklahoma 73122

Many City services are managed from City Hall. Utility billing, anitation, sewer, streets and parks and the Mayor's office are just a few of these departments. All City Council meetings are held in the Council Chambers at City Hall as well as the municipal court. If you have questions that are not dressed on this page please contact City Hall at 405-789-2892.

City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm except for City holidays.

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Automatic Bill Payment

Automatic Bill Payment allows automatic deduction of your payment for your City of Warr Acres sanitation and sewer billing. The form is available at City Hall or by clicking the link below. Complete the form and turn it in or mail it to City Hall along with a cancelled check or deposit slip for the account you want the payment to come from.

Automatic Bill Payment Form

Garage Sale Permits
(405) 789-2892

There is no charge for the first two garage sale permits, but there is a limitation of 3 consecutive days in length for each sale and they must be 3 months apart. More than two garage sales in one year require a paid permit of $5.00. Permits can be obtained at City Hall. The Oklahoma Tax Commission requires sales tax be collected and submitted for garage sales. The application and tax forms are available below.

Garage Sale Permit Packet

Sewer and Sanitation Services

Sanitation (405) 491-6474

Sewer Problems (405) 491-6478

Sewer and Garbage Application

Warr Acres bills for sewer and garbage only. Water is billed through the City of Oklahoma City Water Department. Warr Acres bills every month for service. Bills are sent out on or around the 20th of each month, and are due by the fifth of the following month. A penalty of 10% for current bill is assessed after the fifth of the second month.

Sanitation Schedule Map

(Map showing what day your trash will be picked up)


Contact City Hall for current rates 405-789-2892

Residential Dumpsters are available for temporary useclick here for available sizes and more information.

Galvanized or heavy plastic with lids with not more than 40 gallon capacity. If additional space is needed such as leaves or grass clippings in trash bags, any more than 8 bags will incurr an additional cost per bag which will be added to your monthly bill on the next billing cycle.

NO barrels, oil drums or boxes may be used.

Garbage is picked up at a distance of no greater than ten feet from the corner of the house nearest the street, twice per week. The sanitation employees will not go through gates, doors or into buildings. Curb trash is picked up on the curb Wednesday only.


Dumpsters are available for commercial use and for other temporary uses. Dumpsters are available in several sizes and configurations depending on your need. For more information on available dumpstersclick here. To request a dumpster or to change your dumpster configuration contact City Hall at 789-2892 and they will arrange for the correct dumpster to be delivered to your location.

If trash should be missed for any reason, other than holidays, bad weather, major equipment failure, you should call the Sanitation Department Supervisor at 491-6474 and report your name and address. Your trash will be picked up that day or the following morning. The voice mail will page the Sanitation Supervisor.


Tree limbs must be cut into lengths no longer than 3 feet and tied into bundles of not more
than 50 pounds. Grass and wed clippings should be bundled in plastic bags. Boxes should be flat. No tires, automobile batteries, oil, paint or any type of hazardous waste. Furniture, appliances or any other large item weighing 50 pounds or more will be picked up on special dates announced in the monthly newsletter each year. For hazardous waste disposal call 682-7038.

HOLIDAYS: For holidays that the City is closed during, the trash will be picked up at curbside for the entire City on the Wednesday before or after the holiday.

The following organizations will pick up large items that are in salable condition.

Disabled American Vets 942-8131; American Council of the Blind 524-9933 or AMVETS 681-9913.

SEWER A minimum sewer charge will be used until water reading can be obtained from Oklahoma City Water. Sewer charges are based on a water consumption reading for the months of December, January, and February. An average of these three months will be calculated and an adjustment to the sewer portion of your bill will be reflected on your June Billing the following spring. If you were not occupying the residence at that time, then a minimum charge per month will stand.

Water Services

The City of Warr Acres Contracts through Oklahoma City for Water services. To establish new service call Oklahoma City Water Department at 297-2833. If you have problems with your water service contact Oklahoma City Water Repair at 297-3334.

Oklahoma City offers online payments by clicking here or you can drop off payments at any Bank of Oklahoma location, kiosks at Homeland, Crest and Capital Square, pay by phone at 405-297-2833 or use drop-off depositories at 420 W. Main, 200 N. Walker and Quail Springs Mall. Customers can also pay in person between 8am and 6pm at 420 W. Main in downtown Oklahoma City.