City News  Adoptable Animals

petfindermaxreading.gifHi, Im Max, the shelter dog.  You must have clicked the link on the web site that shows you have an interest in adopting a shelter animal.  Well, let me tell you about how it is don at the Warr Acres animal shelter.  Each animal that enters the shelter and is not reclaimed, goes through an evaluation process.  This process determins if the animal is suitable for adoption.  Certain things are considered during this process such as the current health of the animal, the animal's personality with human interaction and the current capacity of the shelter.  Unfortunately the shelter has limited space, and therefore we need to find homes for our tennants as soon as possible.  The current adoption process costs a mere $45 which includes having the animal spayed or neutered and a current rabies vaccination.  The Animal Contol Officer lists our tennants which are available for adoption on a website called Petfinder.  Petfinder provides free internet listing services for shelters and rescue groups.  To visit the currently available animals at our shelter please click here to visit the Animal Control page.  Thanks for stopping by for a visit, come back soon.

-Max the Shelter Dog 
on Tuesday, December 11, 2007 - 17:09:51